Other Services

Airway Focused Dentistry

Airway Focused Dentistry is an innovative approach to dental care that focuses on the relationship between oral health and the overall well-being of the patient. At Veera Family Dentistry in Saginaw, MI, we understand that your dental health is interconnected with your airway and breathing. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Veera, specializes in this unique approach to dentistry.

Digital Smile Design

Are you looking for a smile makeover that's tailored just for you? At Veera Family Dentistry in Saginaw, MI, we offer cutting-edge Digital Smile Design services to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Learn more about this revolutionary approach to cosmetic dentistry.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are helpful in allowing us to see everything going on inside your mouth. Rather than a typical examination, this camera magnifies everything that it...

Laser Dentistry

Many times, patients are hesitant to go to the dentist because of the sounds and vibrations caused by the dental drill. This is why we use laser technology in our office, since it is easier, painless and quicker than traditional drills.

Occlusal & Sports Guards

Mouthguards can protect teeth from grinding, or from a sports injury. Our custom mouthguards are durable, and are custom fit, making them comfortable and easily worn while sleeping, or during your favorite sporting event.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer can affect adults of any and all ages. Some patients are more at risk of developing oral cancer, like those who smoke or use chewing tobacco.


Orthodontic treatment is designed to realign and correct the look of your smile. Regardless of your age, it's never too late to start loving how you look.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is an innovative and natural treatment offered at Veera Family Dentistry in Saginaw, MI. Dr. Veera and our team are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care, and Ozone Therapy is one of the advanced services we offer to promote oral health.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea affects millions of people worldwide and can have a serious impact on your quality of life.

TMJ Therapy

The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull. As with many other joints on the body, the TMJ can experience pain...

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